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Do you feel sleepy during daytime?

Fill out the questionnaire below and find out.
The Berlin Questionnaire: For Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) take the simple Berlin Questionnaire and present it to your physician.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale - For OSA, take the survey and present it to your physician. 

Do you suffer from COPD?  Find out by taking this simple  COPD Questionnaire and presenting it to your physician.

Click here to download AMES Referral Form. This form is to be used for patient referrals

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AMES Referral Form

Information marked with asterisk below is required.  Additionally, a copy of the signed prescription order must be faxed to our office at (623) 266-7254. For questions, please call (623) 266-7255. 

Thank you for doing business with AMES!

Patient Information
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Contact Information
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Prescription Information
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By clicking the box below, I authorize the use of this document as a legal prescription, and I certify that the above prescribed equipment is medically necessary and reasonable, and is not being prescribed for convenience. I will maintain a copy of this order or prescription in my medical records and make it available to Medicare, their authorized agents or other insurer, if required.

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